Jurien Bay Attractions

Jurien Bay Marine Park

The Marine Park is located 200 to 300 kilometres north of Perth. The Marine Park extends north from the Southern Boundary of Nambung National Park (Wedge Island) to Green Head and includes many islands located in this region. Whales migrate through the marine park each year along the Western coast of Australia. Visitors to Jurien Bay can enjoy the incredible variety of marine life found in the waters off the coast as well as having the opportunity to interact with dolphins. The largest population in Western Australia of Australian Sea Lions can be found at Beagle Island near Leeman. Jurien Bay has Essex Rocks, four nautical miles south of Jurien Bay, as a haul-out site where Sea Lions can rest from their foraging expeditions. This site makes for an unforgettable half day trip for all ages and these fascinating creatures love showing off in front of the camera. These extraordinary wild animals can be seen and enjoyed by everyone, but they can be dangerous and easily disturbed. Never approach them on land or feed them from a boat.

Dobbyn Park Foreshore

There is something for everyone at the Jurien Bay Foreshore including an outdoor exercise circuit, gas BBQ's, shaded picnic spots, gazebos, playgrounds and public toilet facilities. The town jetty is great for the fishing enthusiest .Come and relax on the popular beaches for swimming, enjoy water activities or sit back and watch the sun set over the ocean. A pontoon is located a short swim from the shore. The sealed path, Turquoise Way, is suitable for walking, running, skating, scooters and prams that meanders from North at the marina to South to Hill River.

Nambung National Park

Nambung National Park or otherwise known as the Pinnacles Painted Desert is situated approximately 15 kms South of Cervantes. These are limestone pillars that rise up to 4 metres tall out of the ground. The National Park comprises of 17,491 hectares of land with thousands of these strange looking pinnacles and fabulous wildflowers, which can be seen between August and October.
The park has a scenic one way loop track for vehicles through the pinnacles with a lookout at the northern end, this ramp allows access for people with disabilities although assistance may be required for wheel chairs. Buses, large vehicles, caravans, trailers and boats should be left at the car park. Bushwalking through the pinnacles is encouraged, if you plan on going for a lengthy walk you should inform the Park Ranger beforehand and take plenty of water. Access to the Pinnacles is off the Cervantes Road.

Mount Lesueur

Lesueur National Park covers 26,987 hectares of land and is 23 kilometres north-east of Jurien Bay. The Lesueur National Park is extremely rich in species of flora with more than 900 known species, which is equivalent to 10% of the States known flora. As a result of this Mt Lesueur ranks as one of the most important reserves for flora conservation in Western Australia. Mt Lesueur has a wide range of geological formations, landforms and soil types which vary from coastal dunes, salt lakes and laterite ridges. This variety may explain the large variety in flora found throughout the Park. Surveys have found 52 species of reptiles (41 lizards, 11 snakes), 122 species of native birds with 2 introduced species and 15 species of mammals.
The Park features picnic sites, a lookout with views north to Green Head, 4WD tracks and many walk trails.

Stockyard Gully

Located north-east of Jurien Bay via Cockleshell Gully Road, the entrance is near the Woolmulla Road and Cockleshell Gully Road junction. Stockyard Gully National Park is a reserve that protects unique flora and fauna around a cave system in the area. Rough limestone bushland and low coastal health makes up the 1500 hectare Park. The Park provides tracks suitable for 4WD and off road trailers/vans. There are numerous caves but some have collapsed over time. The one main cave is about 300 metres long from entrance to entrance and a torch is required. The cave follows a creek bed which sometimes has pools of water. Stockmen in the later half of last century found the area to provide their stock with feed and water as the Park has a stock rout linking Geraldton and Guildford in Perth.

Lake Thetis and Stomatolites

These are a fascinating natural feature which is situated along a good road 2 kilometres to the south-east of the Cervantes town site, on Hanson Bay road. It is one of only four known sites where stomatolites can be found in Western Australia. The stomatolites are an important natural feature which grow around the lakes perimeter. These are the oldest known living organisms on Earth and fossils found in these examples indicate dates of up to 3,000 million years ago.

Hangover Bay

Hangover Bay is a magnificent bay with a beautiful white sandy beach. It is located 11.6 kilometres from the entrance to the Nambung National Park and is a great picnic spot with tables and gas barbecues. A 4WD only boat ramp is also provided. The bay is a popular swimming, fishing, windsurfing, surfing and snorkelling spot. Bottlenose dolphins can be seen regularly as well as the occasional sea lion.

Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape Recreational Park is situated 13 kilometres north of Jurien Bay. This enjoyable and intriguing beachfront campsite offers swimming snorkelling, beach fishing, sand-boarding and exhilarating beach walking or simply basking in the sun and taking in the beautiful scenery. The park has a full time ranger and caretaker on site and there is small fee for camping.

Remains of Radar Installation

These interesting concrete remains consist of the original foundations, two relatively intact shelters (which housed the electric motors), and an underground tank. The station was set up in the early 1940s by the Royal Australian Air Force RAAF to detect the presence of any Japanese invaders along this very vulnerable strip of coastline.


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